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Thursday, November 15, 2012

some tasty morsels

Others Did It For You And Me by Jesse Wade
When it comes to mankind's destiny, as it pertains to the future of our race, this "bag of mostly water" has no choice but to authenticate the distinct fact that I have absolutely no solid or illuminating idea as to what it is.
Speaking of facts, my son and daughter-in-law (both of whom I am extremely proud), will be happy to relate that when they toss my bones into a bone box, throw it into a lusterless hole somewhere with a collection of other cadavers, tell all remaining folks what a sweet, holy, innocent, pure person I was, and then go their merry way, that the words I wish to have engraved into my tombstone, are: "What the heck was that all about?"
However, my happy self just happens to adhere to a fantasized theory of mine that mankind's destined forecast will be an on-going learning experience in another dimension, on a higher plain, or another universeand the reason for such a prediction is that, god or no god, I refuse to accept any idea that I was endowed with a bodacious brain, an incomprehensible imagination, and a challenging curiosity,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, and will then someday just die, without exploring the entire macrocosm and all that is in it. That is just ridiculous it makes no sense whatsoever!
Having said all that, I will say all this (I still don't know why, but I just love to say that).
Of course, when our organic structures of mental, physical, and emotional facilities were shoved out, and put on display completely nude, for all the world to gawk at, we were at the mercy of anyone who wanted to take advantage of usbut as we grow older,No Victors, and a little wiser (we hope), we don't have to allow that to happen any more.
Father Time, who doesn't have any comprehension of what is going on, and doesn't care, marched onand we humanoids discovered that we were not in a fantasized place known as heaven, and that we would have to do the best we can with what we have.
And so it goes; we endeavor to survive and find a little happiness each day. But since life has a sick sense of humor, it inevitably dangles misconceptions in our cerebral cortex, pitches a few stones in our path, and other wise causes us to quiver, teeter-totter to and fro, and tremble until we are thrown into a state of mass confusion, and become so bewildered and scared that we are soon demoralized, depressed, and downright dejectedand eventually wish we were never even born.
What we crave and need, during such episodes in our lives, is some type of inspiration to encourage ussomething and/or someone that will affect and alter all of our facilities to the point that we realize and are persuaded that there are always possibilities and not only that, but instills in our entire being that we have the capabilities, intelligence, and inner drive to improve not only ourselves, but also our families, and anyone else we come in contact with. And trust me, believe it or not, we all do!
Naturally, that brings forth the obvious query of how do we mange to inspire our happy selves into such a state of mind? Well folks, yours truly visited that wonderful institution referred to as a library, borrowed a whole passel of books, packed a couple of reams of writing paper and a box of pens, some drinking water, a tent, some tasty morsels, a night light,which was resulted from a bad influenza.He passed away on 26th, a lounge chair, and other assorted necessities. Then I planted my organic self into a vehicle, and imbedded my entire being on a small island in the middle of the Missouri River, and pondered, opined, diligently considered, and other wise immersed my self in all of those books.
After a week or so, and thanks to my imagination, I finally arrived at a solutiondrum roll please!
Actually, I hope none of you folks really believe I went through all that!
What truly occurred was that, after several weeks of being depressed, and attempting to inspire my self with quotations,then improve your skills, etc., was that one day, it dawned on my brain that I was trying to "reinvent the wheel." That great feat has already been accomplished. All I needed, and was compelled to do, was finagle some more books from the library about famous people who have overcome several obstacles in their lives, and mimic how they did it.
And that is what I did! I scanned through the pages of my mind, and made a list of folks whom, for one reason and another, I admiredit worked! And it will work for youand then just imagine what you can do next!

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