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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Are you learning about the importance of life organizers

When Your Need Help Organizing by Terry Christensen
Are you thinking about getting organized but just don't know where to start? Are you learning about the importance of life organizers? Do you have an organizing system, but don't know what to do with it? Does the job seem overwhelming? Does it seem like you could do a little here or a little there, but it really wouldn't make that much difference,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots? Here are a few tips for organizing that will help you take the right steps to get you started, give you answers when you need help organizing, help you see that little things really can make a difference, and help you feel in control about the task at hand.
Every job takes a little planning. Take a few minutes to picture your house,in the hallway. Imagine yourself going into each room, opening the cupboards or closets or drawers. Walk through your house in your mind. If you need to, really get up and walk into each room. Think about how it makes you feel. What areas make you feel frustrated or nervous?
When you get ready to leave the house in the morning, do you notice that your closet is too full, or that you can't find what you want in your dresser drawers? Are the drawers stuffed with clothes or other things that you never use? Are you shoes all together in one place?
Is there a certain drawer in the bathroom that has become a catch-all for everything that was on the counter top? Is your hall coat closet so full of everything else that you can't find the coats? Are there so many knick-knacks in your china closet that none of them seem special?
As you ask yourself these questions,or lose-lose situations in the future., or a few of these questions, don't get stressed out. Relax and imagine how this can help you manifest abundance in other areas of your life, too. Once you determine which are you want to work on right now, don't worry about the rest. Just decide which area you want to focus on. You'll get to the others when you're ready. What we're doing now is doing one thing. You're just starting the satisfying taks of organizing your life. That's all that matters now.
Let's say you've decided to work on that kitchen cupboard that has way too many pots and pans. You know the one. It's the one next to the stove. You try to get just the pan you want, but it seems to have developed a close relationship with a couple other pans and a few lids because they all seem to want to jump out of the cupboard together.
Now comes the fun part. Actually, it can all be pretty fun. Take everything out of that one cupboard. And has you're doing that, put the things you never (or seldom) use into a big box. Give some of the extras that your kids at college might need. But don't give them things they don't need either,Who says dating can't be fun. Decide as you're going through things. Are there things that need to be thrown away or given away? Pack them up and put them in the garage or better yet in your car. Don't just put them somewhere else to stay. Decide to get rid of them. Enjoy yourself.
The next time you go to town, take them to the Good Will store. Be decisive. Don't wait. Don't let them sneak back into your cupboards.
Once you've gotten rid of things the next part is even more fun. Put back what you use. Put the most frequently used items near the front where you can get to them easily. The other things go near the back. And that's it. Every once in a while use these same techniques on another area. Choose that places that are bothering you the most, draining your energy, and have at it.
Good luck!

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