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Friday, November 23, 2012

it is a better strategy in the job search

What Good Is a Resume,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, Really?
I find that most people are convinced that a resume is a necessary part of the job search, especially if an employer says so. Tain't necessarily so!
Often an employer wants a resume because they don't really know what the job entails. They want a recital of what the job seeker knows or doesn't know about the job in question, without factoring in the personal about a real, live human being! The resume gives both parties something to go on, at least on paper.
If the resume doesn't meet the elemental needs of the employer, it gets tossed!
So, what good is a resume? It is good to get the job seekers skills, education and experience in a format that is condensed, thus making it a longer version of a "calling card".
Where the resume falls down as a great way to get a job is that it gives away all of your assets, before you have done your research about the company and the job. It's almost like having a winning poker hand, but giving away your possible win, by betting in haste,and much easier to be around..
Often, it is a better strategy in the job search, to ask if you can present the resume during the interview, or to write an inquiry letter to get you in the door and a possible interview.
Resumes are dead trees, in my opinion. ALWAYS, the best strategy is to use a personal avenue to get to see the employer in person,Now my description of this process is somewhat linear because as you are no doubt aware, then leave the resume behind. Ask, if you can do that,it will enliven all of your relationships.! Better that, than to send one in that gets to the bottom of that file 13.

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