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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the fifties

Nostalgia: What Are We Really Looking For?
Have you ever noticed what an amazing editing job we do when we think about the past? Those summers at the lake have become positively halcyon: gone are the sunburn and mosquitoes, the rainy days, the continuous fights with siblings and/or bunkmates. Mom's cooking has improved considerably with time and distance, and we remember exclusively the birthday when we got that first two-wheeler that we wanted more than anything else on earth. And then,by their own negative way of thinking, there are all those old snapshots and home videos where everybody's smiling. All the time. Apparently, we make a point of not recording any tears. Or is it possible that no one ever cried back in those good old days? Well, now. Probably not.
What, then? Are we deceiving ourselves? Maybe. Just a little. But maybe we're being very sensible, too. Even . . . well, rather wise. This way, when things get rough in the as-yet-unphotographed and un-memorized here and now, we can wander back along Memory Lane to a place of comfort, a place where we can feel as safe as we did back when our parents were handling everything that we're expected to handle now. Or maybe they weren't handling things, that is. But even those of you who had a really crummy childhood can probably remember at least some brief moment of being cared for. Of feeling protected. And it's not that these places of refuge are fictional, either. There was definitely smiling back then, at least some of the time. And we were not always sunburnt or arguing. And somebody held us and kissed away our tears. At least once. And those good times are as real as the times when we skinned our knees, or got punished unjustly, or had a headcold, or wept. There's a great line from an old Jimmy Stewart-Carole Lombard movie. Poor Carole is having mother-in-law problems. Big time. And her maid (in those old black-and-white movies, it seems like everybody had a maid, even if they lived in a tenement),1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, says, "Don't let the seeds make you lose your taste for the watermelon." Which is perhaps a helpful maxim to keep in mind on one of those bad days at the office/with the kids/in a lineup. And for those of you who are now screaming, "But, eBobb! You have to face reality!" let me ask you this: what makes the seeds more real than the watermelon?
So when you're reminiscing with your sister or your best friend from next-door or your old army buddy or your cellmate, and you start telling stories about the good old days, and maybe playing a couple of tunes from back when they knew what good music was (which may be the thirties, the forties, the fifties, the sixties, the seventies, or the eighties, depending on just when your own personal good old days took place, and will be the nineties and the oughts, too, before a whole lot longer), why get into the time your cat died or the summer you developed that mysterious rash or your two months in solitary? Kind of spoils the effect, don't you think? Like making your bed with satin sheets and plump velvet pillows, then splashing on some Krazy Glue. That is, it seems eminently more sensible to be a bit prudent in your selection of reality past, present, and future. There's a lot of it out there to choose from, after all.
And so, if things are not going especially well right now - say you just burned the toast or totaled your car or are under indictment for embezzlement - and you're feeling a bit blue, there's no need to feel guilty about pulling out the old photo album, noshing on some Ben & Jerry's like mother used to buy,and can share that extra bit of support when it's needed., and playing that tune you remember from junior year in high school,So logically. Of course, it's escapism. But what's so bad about escape? In fact, if you're feeling trapped, isn't escape a good thing? So go ahead: snuggle into the warm and fuzzy comfort of NostalgiaLand. It'll make you feel better. Without giving you a hangover. And then, consider this: if you can create such a lovely past, maybe you can do the same thing with your future. Hey, it's worth a shot. Maybe, like your memories, reality is pretty much whatever you think it is.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wealth and Health,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots
I'm going to talk to you about a topic that, when closely looked at, actually has a lot to do with living a prosperous, wealthy life.
Since this is the time of year when many of us eat more and feel guilty later, here is some inspiring info from the November issue of National Geographic.
"The Secrets of Living Longer" focused on several regions where people live significantly longer and healthier lives,the motivation behind black ops hypnosis should not be one of control or malicious manipulation.. These residents produce a high rate of centenarians. Their disease rate is a fraction of what people in other parts of the world suffer and die from. Most importantly they enjoy more healthy years of life.
A long healthy life is no accident. Just like anything else, it takes a commitment born out of self-discovery and wisdom.
Here are the 10 keys to success:
1. Okinawans believe in "Ikigai", meaning "that which makes one's life worth living." A strong sense of purpose acts as a buffer against stress and diseases. Find the purpose of your life.
2. A lean diet is also a factor. A typical meal in Okinawa,laughing on the outside while wincing on the inside, Japan consists of a heaping plate of vegetables,there is life and peace. And that life is given to us by the Word of God, tofu, miso soup, and a little fish or meat. It has fewer calories and many more healthy nutrients than a small hamburger.
3. The main ingredient in miso soup are sea vegetables. Most non-organic food is irradiated. Irradiated food has no enzymes, which are vital for proper digestion. According to research done by Yukio Tanaka at McGill University, sodium alginate, an ingredient richly found in sea vegetables, can reduce the deadly effects of toxic strontium-90 by up to 80%. The way these sea veggies work is that any radioactive element is transformed and excreted out of your body as a harmless salt. Cesium-137 is best chelated by the blue-green family of sea veggies. Just go and get a variety of these from your health food store.
4. Another key factor to longevity is that people in these regions grow much of their own food. One scientist from the University of Minnesota called these kept by Okinawan centenarians "cabinets of preventative medicine." They included herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, such as Chinese radishes, garlic, scallions, cabbage, turmeric and tomatoes. All contain compounds that block cancers from starting."
5. Keep lifelong friends. A great friend enhances your life as much as a great partner does. When you cherish these beautiful relationships, you cherish your life.
6. Be active every day. Connect to nature with walks in the sun. Find a physical exercise that stimulates your mind and rejuvenates your body.
7. Share your work with your spouse or partner. Include, collaborate, ask for their input sharing your work will stimulate more creativity to new levels.
8. Find a space each day for stillness and contemplation. I practice magnetic Qi Gong everyday. You can meditate, practice Yoga (which combines exercise with meditation), sunbathe or just lie down quietly.
9. Read about others who live a life of health and bounty. This inspires and motivates in a grand way. Examples of other people's health and wealth allow us to visualize that a prosperous is a reality.
Remember, "today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday." Now is the only time any action can take place. If you don't begin now, you will never begin.
Success on any level of being occurs through the hourglass effect. Little by little, grain by grain, your habits of winning accumulate. Soon, your life is filled with fulfillment and richness.
Copyright 2005 Tania French

Monday, October 29, 2012

to see.

God Is My Guide
'Dear God, thank you for healing my life. I open myself up to receive the love and the guidance that you give me, so that I might be an example of peace, truth and unconditional love for my family and the world around me.'
I said variations of this prayer for a very long time. I wanted my family to feel whole and I knew it had to start with me. I knew before I could love them unconditionally, I had to heal the turmoil inside of me. I discovered over time that as I followed God's path and grew in my truth, it has allowed my family to grow, too.
A year-and-a-half ago I picked up a tape at the library by Deepak Chopra regarding the seven levels of consciousness. The levels start with innocence, then move on to the ego, to the achiever, to the seeker, and on into different levels of union consciousness. My gut told me the tape was for my husband, Steve, to see.
Steve watched the tape, got very emotional and then told me he no longer wanted to be an achiever. He wanted to be a seeker of truth. He wanted to take time off and let everything go. Some might have called this a mid-life crisis...he is a FEW years older than me... but what we both knew was that he wanted to find his purpose and inner peace.
I was thrilled for about a split second until he said, "I want to let everything go. I want to sell the house."
Yikes! Be careful what you ask for,FEELING LOVED OR UNLOVED BY ANOTHER. I had prayed for some time that Steve would find inner peace. I just didn't know it was going to shake up my world so much. He wanted to get rid of my home. So much for my world of peace and stability!
As always, God works in beautiful, wondrous ways,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. I finally got past my tears and fears and agreed that this would be the best path for us to take. We sold our house without it ever going on the market, for full price I might add, and then found ourselves on an adventure that we would have never imagined.
We thought me wanted to move to the country, but then found ourselves confused because the television industry was revealing itself to me as an avenue to share my message. We decided to stay in Southern California, but had no idea where we would live. We knew we wanted to rent a home, but soon discovered it to be very difficult to find one that was big enough for our whole family, including our little Maltese. Then,"If what you're doing isn't working, out of the blue, a realtor called us and said, "I heard you decided to stay here for awhile. I just sold a home to a man who has now decided to go abroad. It is five years old, has four bedrooms, three baths and is five blocks from the beach. He would like a family to rent it. Would you be interested?"
Would we be interested? We couldn't believe our good fortune.
For the next year-and-a-half we realized it wasn't just good fortune, but it was God guiding us and taking care of us. We set an intention for ourselves that we were fully surrendering to God, so that we might live for the highest good, bringing light and love into the world.
The adventure became a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. One of the things Steve most wanted to do in his time off was to escape and spend time on our boat. It had been in Mexico for several years and his first intention was to bring it back up to Southern California. Well, wouldn't you know it, just a few hours from making its way home, the boat caught on fire and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Steve was devastated. I knew there had to be a gift.
That gift soon revealed itself by showing us that Steve wasn't allowed to escape on the boat. He had set an intention to find himself, so the universe said, "Ugh, ugh. No escaping for you."
Then we lost our butts in the stock market. A big part of our nest egg was there. That was scary. Steve had to start looking at his limiting beliefs as the protector and provider of the family. My work had yet to take off and so therefore we really didn't have an income. We prayed for guidance. People began to call offering us great investment opportunities. We were tentative to make the deals for it meant we had to dip into our nest egg. We prayed for signs to show us what to do. We received the messages we needed, sometimes within a day, and made the investments. They soon revealed themselves as gifts from God. Steve and I quickly learned that when we turned our worries over to God, we were provided for.
Every time money got tight, we both prayed for God to guide us and every time we were given a gift. We both learned from this that when your heart has an intention to sit in truth and to be love, the universe wants to help you in any way it can. If you need more abundance and financial assistance and believe that you are worthy of receiving this kind of love, then it will come to you, very easily without any effort. The only effort you have to do is to have the courage to open up and get to know you. That's what Steve did. He finally got the courage to open up to the truth. As a result he discovered that he doesn't have to buy into those protector/provider pictures anymore. God is the protector and the provider.
This has been an intense time of healing and learning for both Steve and me,repeating your affirmations.. As I have watched him grow, I have had to learn to be neutral to his process and realize what his limiting beliefs are and what mine are. But because we have both looked for the gift in every situation during this time, whether it seemed bad or good, we have grown closer with each other and with God.
Steve and I are so excited to see God working in our lives as individuals and as a couple. We see life unfolding before us. My work is taking off right at the perfect time and right when I'm ready for it. And Steve has a new company. He is one of the owners of ConsciousOne.com, along with an amazing group of individuals whose intention is to bring peace and love into the world.
Steve decided to take a step into truth a year-and-a-half- ago and, as a result, I found more of my own. And even though it got scary at times due to not knowing where the adventure was going, we stayed in our intentions to be love and light. What we found was a greater love than we've ever known.

Friday, October 26, 2012

the only limit to jeans is the designers' imagination

Jeans and Their Evolution: From Factories to Fashion by Rebecca Stevenson
Everyone has a pair of jeans. It could be that favorite pair you've had forever, or a brand new pair you just bought with Sunday newspaper coupons. But everyone has jeans they wear and love. They're comfortable, durable, and follow fashion trends as closely as women's shoes. Many offices now even allow jeans as part of their work wear, something that would have been unheard of when jeans began to be popular. In fact, during the 1950s, some restaurants and movie theaters refused to admit customers wearing jeans.
Jeans weren't always as fashionable as they are today. In fact, they were originally used as sturdy trousers worn by men and women in factories during World War II. In the 1950s, however, teenagers began wearing jeans as a form of rebellion against conformity, and by the 1970s, jeans were a staple of fashion wardrobes. They're available throughout the world, but typically, jeans are considered a part of American culture, like baseball and apple pie.
One of the major changes that has occurred in the jean industry is the change from standard trouser-style jeans worn by men and women prior to the 1950s. In the beginning, if you wanted to break in your jeans, you had to do it the old fashioned way,* 7 percent think it's the black medick, which either involved wearing them frequently for a long time, or dragging them on concrete and washing them frequently to make them look more worn,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots.
The introduction of bell bottom jeans, for example, proved that jeans could be as much a fashion statement as a durable pair of pants. Now styles range from skin tight to large and baggy, available in every color imaginable. You can get jeans with embroidery, patches, rhinestones, or even brand new jeans that look as though they've been worn for twenty years. There are designers who specialize in jeans (besides Levi and Wranglers).
These changes have come thanks to the advances in clothing production. Jeans can be mass produced, and with the different machines and denim fabrics available, the only limit to jeans is the designers' imagination! In fact, the customer can become the designer, as well. You can take your favorite pair of jeans and customize them to your liking. Add embellishments, turn them into shorts, or grab some fabric pens and draw all over the fabric to turn them into a piece of art.
Because of the variety of jeans that are available, they can offer a professional looking alternative to dress pants in the office, particularly for women. There are even some dark washed jeans that can be mistaken for black dress pants! And since they are so popular, and can be more professional looking,Women who are sexually active, offices are becoming more welcoming of jeans around the office,but it can help you to assess whether or not you should consider taking a home, even if it isn't "casual Friday."
As far as jeans have come in almost seventy years, who knows what they'll look like seventy, fifty, or even twenty years from now? It could be that, as fashion develops, the jeans people wear years from now won't be recognized by the population as what we know as "jeans." For all we know, the evolution of jeans will continue, and they'll become the more formal wear, leaving "dress pants" hanging in boutiques and closets in favor of pants that started as simply sturdy work pants for factory workers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Female Self Pleasuring Tips For The Adventurous Woman
Unlike men, whose sex organs are available for self pleasure by stroking and stimulating any time of the day, women have to contrive to entice their clitoris out of hiding and available for pleasuring. One of the most common female self pleasuring tips is the use of sex toys and gadgets.
Luckily for us, female self pleasure toys can be found in our very own kitchen,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. Sure, jokes have been made about this, but it's true. The usual suspects here are any penis-like vegetables and fruits, like carrots, cucumbers or zucchinis. Bananas are too soft to do the trick. Sometimes, un-penis-like fruits and vegetables can create another type of female self pleasure as a form of taste aphrodisiac: cherries, grapes, or sections of oranges. Feel free to use different female self pleasure techniques to enhance your arousal. Inserting any of the penis-like items inside your vulva, as you would a dildo will add to your self pleasure. As a female self pleasure technique, the use of fruits and vegetables has a lot going for it: It will not endanger you physically, in contrast to, for example, using a bottle, which might break inside you, or, a piece of wood, which might splinter--ouch! I am not sure that anyone has ever used an open bottle for this purpose, but it is worth cautioning all women against it: An open bottle will form a-suction inside you and it would be quite impossible to remove it without the embarrassment of explaining to a doctor why you are depositing strange objects inside your vagina.
After you've pleasured yourself with just about everything you can from your fridge, you might want to try a dildo. Dildos have been manufactured to be sold and used especially for female self pleasuring. They were not merely created to aid men in their sexual fantasies when they watch all those erotic movies. Erotic movies, however, are very informative when it comes to learning how to use dildos. Use a dildo to massage your clitoris and slide it in and out and around your vagina. Even better are the men, who possess the lingual skillfulness similar to a dildo but more importantly, they are selfless enough to aspire to that ability. Either way, these great female self pleasuring techniques will open up a whole new world of female self pleasuring ideas.
Copyright 2005 E.J. Davis

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If this is the case

Exercising After Pregnancy
Generally most women can begin a formal exercise program within 6 weeks of giving birth, though this time frame might be slightly longer for some women, including those recovering from a C-section. Most women recovering from a C-section will be able to exercise after there incision has healed and their doctor has cleared them for exercise.
Just how soon you begin an exercise program will depend in part on how you feel. If you had an easy delivery with no tearing and few interventions and regularly exercised prior to birth, you may feel up to some light exercise within 2 weeks of giving birth.
If this is the case, your doctor will probably allow you to engage in some light activities, including walking. Strenuous activity should generally be avoided however until several weeks after birth.
For some women however, even light exercise in the weeks following delivery is not possible. If you had an episiotomy or tore severely while delivering for example, your body may not physically be ready for a formal exercise program for at least 4-6 weeks after birth (note this is also how long most physicians recommend that women abstain from intercourse!).
How soon you begin exercising thus depends on your body and your unique situation. Be sure you consult with your physician before embarking on a new exercise program regardless of your activity level before and during pregnancy.
Let's say that one more time because it is important YOU MUST CONSULT WITH YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IF YOU WANT TO EMBARK ON AN EXERCISE PROGRAM. Your body goes through a lot of physical trauma when you deliver a baby. Starting an exercise program too soon will delay your recovery and could potentially injure your body permanently,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. It may also take you longer than six weeks to heal fully if you start exercising too soon.
Now, if you feel better and capable of working out before you hit the six week mark, don't hesitate to contact your healthcare provider. Most will encourage light exercise including walking, and some may encourage other types of activity particularly if you were active before you got pregnant.
Each and every individual is unique and different, thus their ability to return to a regular exercise routine will vary after delivery. It is important that you listen to your body.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When we think of plus size bras

A Plus Size Bra Will Make Your Naturally Curvy Body Look Even More Tempting by Kalwant Rana
As a woman, I have faced the difficulty of finding the right bra many a time. But what makes it even more tedious is the fact that I have a naturally curvaceous figure.
To find a bra that is both supportive and comfortable is a monumental task and this is where plus size bras come to the rescue. With todays ever increasing market there are plus size bras available for the support you need and the comfort you want, as well as that extra added beauty.
Plus size bras have done away with all the trials we women had to put up with in the past. With all the brands and varieties available, you can not only find plus size bras that you will love wearing, but bras that will accentuate your naturally curvaceous figure.
When we think of plus size bras, automatically we may picture two huge domes with hulking thick straps, digging uncomfortably into our shoulders. This picture is a thing of the past, sexy plus size bras are the future and are here to stay!
You can get extremely feminine lacy plus size bras, or sultry satin, silk and lace bras with under wire for extra support, strapless plus size bras, and even minimizer full figure bras. The companies have realized that a large portion of women have been endowed with naturally voluptuous and exotically formed figures and that this is what a woman should look like!
During pregnancy and your life span, your breasts can change size and sometimes dramatically, and having a quality plus size bra will make all the difference. You can make your figure look even more tempting, develop even more confidence and feel exceptionally comfortable in a plus size bra that fits just right. A full figure bra that fits properly will help improve your posture.
Nursing Plus Size Bras
Nursing bras are very comfortable if you are a breast feeding mother. You have to feed your baby periodically and the process is very cumbersome when you have to do it wearing regular bras. These bras have provisions to feed the child easily and comfortably. Look for plus size nursing bras that have a braiding support instead of wiring, which will give you a lot more comfort if you need to sleep in it. Most nursing bras are either made out of cotton / lycra for gentle support,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, but you can also get these plus size bras in very sexy designs too. You can buy a Nursing bra for just around £22.99.
Plus Size And Push Ups
Plus size bras are bras meant for full-figured women. These bras come with minimizers too, which help to minimize the projection of your bust. Push-ups have the opposite effect of the plus size bras and are commonly used by smaller structured women. This type of bra will give your appearance an even more heightened appearance, which is sure to get your partner's attention away from the footaball game or whatever else he is doing!.
Sports Bras
You have to feel comfortable when walking or doing exercises. Wearing a regular bra just doesn't provide the support we need, but also gives us the much needed comfort we deserve. I mean can you imagine running on a treadmill with a poorly constructed bra, not only will it have long term effects on your back but can also damage your breasts. You can buy a sports bra for around £19.99.
You should experience comfort and support while wearing a bra all day long. You have to be specific about which one suits you the most. You have to very careful about your size, which is often subject to change. It is necessary for you to check your size before buying one.
Plus size bras have finally come left that unattractive image of the past behind and become hugely sexy bras for today and tomorrow. Whether its a sports bra or an everyday sexy bra, we fuller figured women have finally been given a choice that is both comfortable and sexy. A click on your mouse is all it takes and the dazzling array of plus size bras will be at your fingertips.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion by James Pendergraft
For a teenager, having to face an unplanned pregnancy is very difficult and deciding about what she should do is even more difficult.
Irrespective of what her beliefs may be on the subject, the matter always involves a very personal, intimate decision and one fraught with emotional trauma for most teenagers. The options that are available to her such as having an abortion, raising her baby or permitting another person to adopt her baby, all carry with them elements of pain and sacrifice.
What are the Statistics,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots?
Teenage abortions account for 19 percent of all such procedures in the US. Of those having abortions, the average age has been dropping from nineteen to seventeen.
Of all abortions conducted annually, over 50 percent are conducted on women who are less than 25 years old, and the ages of 18 and 19 account for the greatest number of abortions performed.
Currently, there are 21 states where parental consent is mandatory for teen abortions, and 18 states where it is not required. 14 states require that parents be notified before an abortion is performed on a minor. The notification laws stipulate the parents must be notified about the matter, but that their permission is not required to carry on with the procedure.
Abortions are legal in the United States. Facts relating to teen abortions show that the pregnancy rate of teenagers has declined over the last 10 years in the US, but the percentages have increased.
Considering the young age of this age group and their much greater emotional immaturity, teenagers should always be encouraged to involve their parents when they are faced with making a decision about abortion. Very often, pregnant teens do not receive prenatal care in time, and have a much higher risk of pregnancy related health complications. For the baby, there are risks of premature birth and low birth weight. Fortunately in most cases, a parent is involved.
In most states, if the teen is unable to talk to her parents or if she feels she is unable to discuss it with them, it is possible for her to appear before a judge, who can consider if the girl is mature enough to make the decision on her own. If she is not, it is the judge who decides if the abortion is in her best interest or not. In any case, if complications arise during the abortion procedure, the parents of the minor may be notified.
It is advisable for a teenager not to make a decision in haste or without the guidance of a responsible adult. Teens and their parents on either side of the debate about parental consent should always find out as much as possible about teen abortion facts, and about the abortion procedures.
If you are a teenager and pregnant, it is critical that you maintain your perspective during this time and seek out the advice of a caring adult if at all possible, prior to making a decision. It is important for pregnant teenagers to remember that they have a choice such parenting, abortion or adoption. Most facilities that perform abortions have compassionate and knowledgeable staff members readily available to speak with pregnant teens. They can also provide them with referrals or information for obtaining judicial assistance.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

lost income

Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Every day men and women consult with their doctors with regard to their health problems. When people schedule an appointment with their physicians they are planning to go to the doctor's office because they hope that they will be healed from what ails them.
However, even physicians make mistakes. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can result in life-changing, permanent, or even fatal injuries.
The Institute of Medicine conservatively estimates that medical errors are the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. Medical errors could be prevented. In addition to lives that have been changed or lost, medical errors cost the country approximately $17 billion per year.
One area that affects thousands of women and the ones they love every day is breast cancer. When a health care provider fails to properly diagnose a patient who has breast cancer the results can be devastating.
A possible reason that the failure to properly diagnose - or to misdiagnose - breast cancer is so common is that the medical community for the most part has the preconceived notion that the only older women are at risk and that these women also have a family history of breast cancer.
The Physicians Insurers Association of America did a study and found that the three main reasons that doctors misdiagnose breast cancer are:
1. Doctors do not take women seriously when these women describe the symptoms of breast cancer.
2. Even if the patient says that she has felt a lump many doctors still heavily rely on negative mammogram results.
3. Physicians place too much emphasis on a woman's age as a factor for predicting breast cancer.
What is the Best Way to Detect Breast Cancer?
The key to early detection of breast cancer is to regularly test for it. If you can spot the signs early you will greatly improve your chances for a total recovery.
The two best ways to test for breast cancer are by having regular mammograms and by doing a thorough self-exam each and every month.
To put things into perspective about how important early detection is, let's take a look at the 5-year survival rate for people with breast cancer who received the appropriate treatments. The best indicator of the prognosis is based on the clinical stage of breast cancer.
- Stage 0 - 100%
- Stage 1 - 100%
- Stage II - 86%
- Stage III - 57%
- Stage IV - 20%
If cancer is not diagnosed in time it can greatly reduce the chance of recovery.
When you visit your doctor keep in mind that in terms of cost and frequency the delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the leading causes of malpractice claims in the United States.
If you are a victim of malpractice you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of health and personal care, lost income, and other damages,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots.

the new laser brush uses two double A batteries which makes it portable

How Can the Laser Brush Help Achieve New Hair Growth? by Carol P. Mason
A new generation of laser brush is sweeping the market. It is a major advancement in the use of low level lasers to enhance and rejuvenate hair. Unlike older model stationery or hand-held laser devices that are plugged in, the new laser brush uses two double A batteries which makes it portable, lightweight and easier to use. The new brushes have 17 laser diodes to not only restore hair but also help re-grow healthy thick hair.
What is Involved in the Treatment?
A breakthrough hair treatment for both men and women, the laser brush allows consumers to use clinical strength low level laser therapy (LLLT) in the privacy of their own homes. The newest laser brush uses multiple rows of laser diodes to provide the very best treatment. Average treatment time is just 10 to 15 minutes per day, three times per week. It usually takes 3-6 months for hair re-growth to occur, but hair already grown in will start to appear stronger, healthier, shinier much sooner. Because it is a must that you continue to use this treatment to maintain optimum hair growth and prevent the reoccurrence of hair loss, choice of an easy to use and safe treatment is key. In this internet age it can be quite difficult to choose as the marketers compete against each other with catchy ads and slogans. Search out sites with a complete hair re-growth system in place that can be used in conjunction with your laser brush to maximize effectiveness and hair growth rate. There are no reported side effects to the therapy which is painless, non-toxic and does not interfere with other medications.
Do I Really See Hair Growth?
The manufacturers of low level laser products that are regularly used by doctors for the treatment of weak or thinning hair are tested for efficacy by the FDA. Now there are effective at-home treatments. About 55 million American men and women have some degree of hair loss, and most of these can be helped to regrow hair in follicles that are still viable. Daily hair treatment systems help to destroy the oxidants that contribute to thinning hair and stimulate the follicles to produce new hair. Studies show that men and women of all ages grow healthy new hair by using the laser brush.
How Does Laser Therapy Affect My Health?
Laser therapy is a breakthrough treatment that can improve the lives of millions of Americans suffering from a variety of skin ailments including hair loss. The ability of low level lasers to heal and revitalize the skin, as well as the hair, has been extensively noted by a number of leading doctors and health care providers over the years, and now it is the time for consumers to take advantage of this important new treatment. Surveys have shown that as a result of using a reputable laser brush, 86-percent of patients reported healthier hair, 78-percent claimed to have thicker hair and 76-percent had fuller hair. It is also beneficial to our mental health to maintain a younger and healthier appearance.
What is the Cost?
Traditional laser hood treatments, available in clinics, can cost thousands of dollars for a contract or around $80-$100 per month. These need to be repeated at least twice per week, requiring gasoline and travel time. This can equate to thousands of dollars over just a few years, and tens of thousands over time. Patients who use at-home hair laser treatments will spend only hundreds for a laser brush and batteries. This is much less money over time and there are no monthly visits to the doctor's office or aesthetician. The additional compliment of shampoo, conditioner and health supplements are a cost one would most likely incur anyway. Hair transplants provide a more permanent solution, but typically cost many thousands of dollars, and are a surgical procedure with a certain downtime. Compare the one-time cost of a laser brush to ongoing costs for other hair treatments and you'll see how much more cost effective it becomes over the years.
The laser brush is very simple to use and has no side effects at all,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. Also the laser brush is one of the safest alternatives for hair loss treatment that you can use. A reputable laser brush can be one of the more affordable on the market but make sure you are getting the best quality. A healthy head of hair is an aphrodisiac and a symbol of health and youth, and it can be almost literally your crowning glory.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

7. Irritability

Know Menopause…..Is this it? by Cathy Brennan
As women move toward their forties and begin to experience many changes in their bodies they begin to question why. Menopause or perimenopause is often one of the last thoughts. The myriad of symptoms associated with perimenopause can be confusing and overwhelming. To add to the confusion and overwhelm each woman’s transition through perimenopause and menopause is different. The symptoms experienced and their severity vary drastically. The information available often varies widely from viewing menopause as a disease to the view of ‘it’s all in your head’. It’s no small wonder women are confused.
Clinically speaking menopause is defined as the cessation of menstruation for 1 year or more. Perimenopause, also referred to as climacteric, is the period of time prior to cessation of menstruation when the bulk of symptoms occur. This transition commonly begins between the ages of forty and fifty five and last for two to seven years. It is not unheard of too begin later or earlier. Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural transition process for women similar to adolescence, only this time moving out of the child bearing years,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. There is a wide variety of symptoms associated with menopause. Here are the most common twenty.
1. Change in Menstrual Cycle – frequency, duration, flow
2. Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
3. Insomnia
4. Weight Gain
5. Headaches
6. Mood Swings
7. Irritability
8. Depression
9. Infertility
10. Change in Body Odor
11. Decreased Sex Drive
12. Fatigue
13. Forgetfulness/Brain Fog
14. Hair Loss/Thinning Hair
15. Frequent Urination/Stress Incontinence(leaks)
16. Dizziness/Light Headed
17. Increased Anxiety
18. Increased Facial Hair
19. Vaginal Dryness
20. Increased Bloating and/or Gas
It is important to note that these symptoms may be from other causes so it’s always advisable to check with your health care provider.
What exactly is responsible for all these symptoms? A woman’s body is undergoing hormonal changes. Usually the first change is a gradual decline in progesterone. During this time estrogen levels generally remain stable. Estrogen and progesterone play a check and balance act in a women’s body, so when they are out of balance symptoms occur. As perimenopause progresses progesterone continues to decline and estrogen levels begin to fluctuate greatly, again triggering symptoms. At the same time the hormones associated with ovulation and follicle growth, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), are increasing resulting in changes in ovulation. The medical tests for menopause traditionally measure FSH and LH levels and increased level is considered a positive result. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t measure estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone levels which can not only confirm menopause but assist in a treatment plan. There are two other testing methods that are thought to be reliable. Salivary hormone testing measure free hormones in the saliva and can easily be done at the same time for several days to determine a women’s personal baseline. The other is a blood test for free (unbound) hormones in the blood. These are options to discuss with your healthcare provider especially if you are considering hormone replacement therapy. Ultimately developing an individual holistic approach is the best way to manage the menopause transition.

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This means that you may end up buying some worthless junk along the way

Antique Jewelry
For those with a real love of Antique Jewelry, by now you will have realised that it can cost substantial amounts of money. But if you spend some time learning how to buy antique jewelry wholesale, you can save yourself heaps.
In the age of the Web , it is common for people to head for online auction sites, such as eBay, in the hope of finding a bargain. Amongst thousands trying to do the same thing there is going to be massive competition. Sadly again, you are likely to find that the seller has just as much if not more experience as you have and as such they will have priced their auction correctly.
This does not mean that bargains cannot be found at online auctions. It's still worth keeping an eye on the more popular sites, just in case. Remember to keep an eye out in several sections as well as just the antiques section. An essential part of using online auctions is to establish the credibility of your seller before you enter in a bid. At times like these it is probably advisable to make sure you have access to the services of a credible escrow service. More importantly, communicate with the seller to make sure you understand exactly what you're buying.
The Internet is not your only resource on bargain jewelry to be had if you know where to look, there are equally valuable resources available elsewhere. Remember sometimes to find the best results you need to be able to look in areas others simply cannot compete in. One great resource is your local newspaper,instead of eating all that fast "junk" food. there is a possibility that the seller might be slightly ignorant of what it is they have to sell. This has to increase your chances of getting a bargain from local sources,and you're a short-haired brunette.
If you're going to trawl local sales for bargains, though, don't make it too obvious when you're interested in a piece of jewelry. |Try not to make it too obvious that you are interested to a certain item if you are going to try and search for bargains local sales. | It is unwise to show interest too soon in any one category and this may cause the seller to increase their charges Too much interest too soon can alert the owner and you are likely to put them off. After all, if you're familiar with antique jewelry then your hunch is probably right. You may well find that you actually say more by taking the jewelry off site once you've bought it and confirming your suspicions in private,A la Disposition is literally shaping the fashion world.
This means that you may end up buying some worthless junk along the way, but that's okay. The genuine pieces you find will more than make up for the few bucks you spend on false starts.
Once you find your first bargain it is entirely possible that you become addicted to the entire process. In a lot of cases estate sales can produce better returns even if they are more infrequent than yard sales. It happens quite regularly that the grandchildren of some wealthy families are completely unaware as to the value of their family's jewelry.
Their motivation may be purely driven by the fact that they desperately need the money. Sadly in today's world this may be more and more common as the heirs of formerly wealthy families come to realise that the upkeep of family homes can be more expensive than foreseen,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots.

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make up application

Beauty Tips, Skin Care Tips, Make Up Application & More For Women & Teens by Marisa Robinson
Women everywhere are obsessing about skin care, beauty care, weightloss, hair care secrets, workout routines and more.
Women of all ages desire to look their best at all times and are constantly looking for quick easy simple beauty tips, styles, or makeup tips and fitness plans to get them great results!
Home remedies and simple, little know techniques is what works best! I mean, who wants to run to the spa or salon all the time? Not only is it expensive, it is inconvenient!
Maybe if we were all Hollywood starlets or actors?
In the meantime, there is hope! At , or we have beauty care tips and health & fitness tips for women of all ages!
The best part is our web tips are from real beautiful people and young/older women who look great-WITHOUT the glitz of Hollywood makeup, special lighting and professional stylists at their every beck and call,your role is not to stop the storm. That just isn't real life!
Real life is about many of the hard working beautiful women that make the world go round! These women still make the time to always look great!
Looking your best will instill confidence and make you feel better each and everyday!
People will definitely take notice! Especially men,so don't take any chances, that is if you want that attention, but who doesn't like that sort of attention? It is nice to be admired and to look fantastic!
For The BEST Beauty,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, Make up, Fitness & haircare tips- Check Out The website!
, .
You may even have your own Beauty Tips & Make Up tips that you want to share!
Here is One Sample From The Website:
Free Beauty Tip of the Month:
If you want the look of fuller lips, mix a few drops of pure mint and peppermint extract in with a small glob of petroleum jelly. Smooth over lips about an hour before getting ready. Wipe off and apply lipstick as usual. Your lips will appear more plump and full.
We have other tips related to eye brow sugaring, skin care, make up application, making your face look slimmer, fitness plans, skin care,and attractiveness., taking care of your eye to keep you looking younger, reducing wrinkles and more!

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by George Georgiou

Wedding in Cyprus! by George Georgiou
We put your mind at ease firstly by saying that your marriage is definitely legal also in the U,Beauty Queen Event Participation the Pros and Cons by Steve Evans.K. , Cyprus law does however require the following legal 'stuff' to proceed and allow your marriage to take place without any problems:
Absolute essentials:
Þ You will need to be in Paphos for at least 3 working days (we suggest 5) before the actual wedding takes place. This is excluding the day you arrive, weekends, public holidays etc.)
Þ Each of you need a valid 10-year passport not due to expire within 6 months.
Please have photocopies of all pages related to the contents / information in your passports.
Þ Each of you need to have your own 'Single Status Declaration' which confirms that you are free to get married.
This must include:
- your name, address, nationality, religion, passport number and occupation
- must state whether you are single, divorced or widowed
- must state that you intend to get married in Cyprus
- must be signed by a U.K. solicitor, stating 'Solicitor' on the document.
Þ Scottish Nationals should obtain a 'Certificate of Impediment' from the local registry office in place of the declaration,The Cyber Lothario.
Þ If divorced, please have a copy of the 'decree absolute' and if Catholic please have a copy of the marriage annulment.
Þ If widowed, you need a copy of the death certificate,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots.
Þ If under 18, please have parental consent stamped and signed by a solicitor.
Þ Proof of name change will be needed by Deed Poll stamped and signed by a solicitor.
Þ Birth Certificates
Þ Adoption certificates if adopted
Þ For Anglican weddings and Catholic weddings:
- at least of the two must be baptized or christened into the Christian faith.
Þ Irish Nationals and passport holders require a 'Freedom to marry' Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Irish Embassy in England.
We want your wedding to run smoothly and effortlessly for you and our aim is for bride and groom to be happy and joyful on this sacred day. We ask you to please provide us with photocopies of all the relevant documents at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Cyprus. Originals must be brought with you,headaches.

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* Detangling

It's A 10 Hair Product
For many years women have be asking for a universal product that could address many of our hair issues. Well now there is, It s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, the jack of all trades product that does 10 things instantly!
It s a 10 is a revolutionary hair care company that has caused a lot of commotion in the beauty industry. It s a 10 hair products claim to treat, remedy, and fight several common hair problems and concerns without the need to purchase different products for each purpose,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots. Instead, very few products are used as each product serves multiple purposes. We ve seen dual purpose products before, but never before has there been a product that can serve 10 purposes at once...until the Its a 10 Hair Product was created.
A favorite Its a 10 product is the Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In,Do you recognize the signs that Christmas is already on its way. This product claims to treat the hair with ten benefits in just one lightweight leave in spray. Sprayed into wet hair after shampooing and conditioning, the Its a 10 Miracle Leave-in hair product goes to work improving the look, feel, and overall health of the hair,Just think before the wedding.
The 10 incredible benefits of It s a 10 Miracle Leave-In are:
* Repairs Dry, Damage Repair
* Increased Shine
* Smoothing and Frizz Control
* Color Protection
* Thermal Protection
* Detangling
* Strengthening for less breakage
* Silkiness
* Enhanced Body and Volume
* Split End and Breakage Prevention
It's hard to believe that one leave-in spray can benefit the hair in so many ways. Miracle Leave-In is truly a miraculous product! All of these professional products feature either ten amazing benefits, or ten effective ingredients that lead to improved hair health and beauty.
Stylists love the versatility that they get from the multi-tasking It s a 10 hair product line. Their client's love that they can maintain the benefits of the It s a 10 products at home with daily shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. It really does not get any better than 10 amazing hair remedies wrapped up in one powerful Miracle Leave-In Product,and it has the advantage of being easy. It s a 10 has surely succeeded in providing effective multi-functional products to the professional stylist and their clients. Any hair type and condition will benefits from the ten exciting benefits that the Miracle Leave-In Hair Care Product delivers.
Purchase your own Its a 10 Hair Product

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the testes should be almost fully formed. In the next three weeks

The Stages Of Pregnancy Unfold In Forty Fascinating Weeks by Nick Messe
The miracle of pregnancy fascinates every woman that conceives. Within the first trimester, weeks 1 to 12, many changes take place to both mom and embryo. The first real developments take place in week 3 and this is where the individual life really starts to take shape.
Both sperm and egg meet to begin the development of the zygote. The DNA structures that will decide boy or girl, eye color, height,instead of accepting and discussing these feelings, facial features, and much more. Those 23 chromosomes from each parent that you hear about, are being turned into the beginnings of a unique individual. At only the size of a raspberry, a storm of cells are dividing and turning into something truly spectacular, as the zygote makes its way down the fallopian tube.
In weeks 4, 5 and 6, the zygote becomes known as a blastocyst and burrows itself in the uterine wall. It forms a placenta to protect and nourish it throughout the rest of the pregnancy and becomes an embryo. In these three weeks, all the basic humanoid things are beginning to develop. The central nervous system, peripheral system, outer skin, eyes, heart, brain and major organs begin to form.
During the 7th week of pregnancy, features of the face such as tiny nostrils, lenses of the eye and ear canals take shape. Small buds resembling paddles will form arms and legs, and by week 8 the embryo is now beginning to look more like a baby. Arms and legs get longer, the spine straightens, and gender identity is showing the first signs of development. In males the testicles will form and in females the ovaries begin to grow.
The magic gets even more fascinating in weeks 9 to 12 as toes and fingers become more evident and the fetus gains control of muscle movements. It can close its eyelids and external genatalia are present but still not yet identifiable. It can yawn and begin sucking movements. The fetus can also produce urine during this stage.
The second trimester, weeks 13-27, marks another exciting stage of development. At the beginning of week 13 from crown to rump, the fetus is about 3 ½ inches in length. The intestines and kidneys are developed. By week 14, the fetus can bring its hand to its mouth to suck its thumb.
More motor skills such as frowning, smiling and blinking are mastered by week 18. Fingernails and toenails have formed and the sex of the baby is now visible via ultrasound. One can also see tiny fingerprints during this time, cartilage is replaced by bone. The fetus has developed regular sleeping patterns and is capable of feeling pain.
In week 19, the baby can clearly distinguish mom's voice and respond to it. The uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes have almost fully developed in girls. At week 20, mom is able to feel the first tiny flutters of movements. Vernix caseosa, which is a greasy substance, is covering your baby's skin to protect it.
Facial hair starts to grow in weeks 21 to 24, including eyebrows,you could go one step further and experiment with the shape of your invitations., hair on the head,immediately, and sometimes down the back. For boys, the testes should be almost fully formed. In the next three weeks, 25 to 27, your baby will begin to entertain itself exploring the realms of the uterus. You will begin to feel flips, turns, and sometimes pushing as it floats around in the amniotic sac.
The baby now measures about 11 to 15 inches from crown of head to bottom of foot in length. Lungs,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, liver, and immune system continue to reach maturity and footprints also develop completely. The third trimester marks weeks 28 to 40. Your baby will now have fully developed lungs and could breathe air.
The brain has reached peak development to support neurological responses like body temperature regulation and breathing. This stage is also when mom develops more than the baby. Backaches, heartburn, swelling, shortness of breath, spiderveins, breasts leaking milk, pain or tenderness in the breasts are all common in the third trimester. Within the last two to three weeks, the baby, weighing an average of 7 or 8 pounds, positions itself for birth. And then the miracle of birth happens and a brand new person enters the world.

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2. - A person who displays PA traits is a person who never learnt how to accept and manage his anger

How Do You Know If Someone Has a Passive Aggressive Behaviour?
This may come as a surprise to you, but PA behavior is pervasive. Given the fact that open aggression in interpersonal relations is now seen as a despicable fact, punished by law, more and more of men's aggression goes underground. As women claimed more of their own power, some of the men around began to feel unsettled by the role change. Even when they are some women which behave in this way, it is prevalent in men, who use it to protect themselves from the aspects of the relationship they can't deal with. At a wider level, this response has far reaching consequences on family and work life.
Let's look carefully at the sources of your unhappiness, to know if the difficulties are caused by PA behavior that you can neither anticipate nor manage well.
You fall in love and it looks like you will have a companion, someone to share wonderful moments together when you begin perceiving that your companion is always upset, and making you the responsible party of all differences. When something happens, you don't have a conversation where both sides examine what happened and learn from it, taking responsibility for each one's behavior. No, you have a temper tantrum and a guilt inducing session, so strong that you can end up thinking that you are so stupid, so unable to make him/her happy, that you end up feeling as a miserable wreck, or worse.
If you are dealing with passive aggressive people without realizing what is going on, it can be crazy making. You feel dismissed, shut down, ignored but in a subtle enough way that you don't know how to process and react. Your judging brain is being slowly impaired .and diminished by this constant negative environment. You can be accommodating, pleasant and patient, but the situation does not improve; at some point, you explode. Over time, this can turn into a vicious cycle: passive aggressive behavior begets anger and finger-pointing, which in turn begets more passive-aggressive behavior. You find yourself screaming, slamming doors and feeling out of control, which was not part of your behavior before.
Ask yourself these questions:
* Does your partner become angry with you about things over which you have no control? Is he blaming and punishing you for things that happen to him/her that you had no part in?
* Is your partner frequently sullen, depressed and angry about small life circumstances, but ignore the big problems, thus never facing them?
* Do you receive complaints about you don't appreciating him/her enough, not being able to appreciate even when you do more than ever to please this person?
* Is he expressing a deep idea of being cursed by life, being left behind by others who are responsible for all his problems? Does she ever take any responsibility for what happens to her?
* Is your partner describing a world that is his own creation, impervious to whatever you can say to change that? If you offer a different, more positive construct of the world, of your common friends, family and work acquaintances, is it rejected as "fabrications" because what this person sees is the only "truth"?
OK, now, be brave: Does the person you are dealing with displays at least three of the above behaviors? If the answer is YES then you are probably dealing with a passive-aggressive person who never learned how to be in an equal, mature relationship and is reproducing unresolved personal pain from childhood into this new and presumably more mature relationship.
If all of this translates later into any kind of abusive behavior, at least you can understand better what happens and how can you regain your integrity and self-respect,if the website you're buying from also has shops there maybe the option to collect in store.
1.- The main problem with passive aggressive behavior is first how to identify this interaction,such as one that is mounted on a base and appears more as a sturdy makeup mirror., because the same mind that needs to observe and evaluate (yours) is being confused by a barrage of mixed rational/emotional contradictory messages .
Then, we need to accept confusion and emotional pain as indicators of being in the presence of a relationship with a passive aggressive (PA) person. Is not that you are a less intelligent person; is that another person is confusing you!
2. - A person who displays PA traits is a person who never learnt how to accept and manage his anger, using twisted behavior to project his responsibility on others ("you made him angry") so blaming others for everything real or imaginary that happens to them. Deeply inside, they are emotionally unavailable and can't allow anybody to get very emotionally close, so displaying PA traits is a way to deflect the intensity of feelings, and recover the security of their inner isolation by backing off from emotional intimacy. DON'T feel rejected at a personal level.
3. - It is not related to YOU! You don't have to be a beauty queen, a very successful manager or a sex bombshell to make him happy: it has nothing to do with what you can offer him. Whatever you are, he is probably NOT relating to who you are, but reacting to his own image of what an intimate partner means for him. Getting to know what happens (you attracted a PA person to be your love relationship) has at least to give you this fact for sure: his reactions have nothing to do with you, because he would react in the same way to any one who threatens to enter into his private world. His fear is not of you, but of intimacy and yielding to emotional compromise with any woman.
UNDERSTANDING the three shortcuts you will be able to regain control of the interaction, know where you are when conflict appears and have more power to decide what is next in your life.
Do you want to regain the power to be happy in a good relationship?
How could you get more support?
There is a wealth of ideas, comments and support at
You can pre-register for the incoming book: LIVING WITH A PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE LOVER,Just like other areas of the fashion scene, so you can receive your copy as soon as it gets printed; or you can share your experiences at the FORUM .
Claim Today your FREE COACHING SESSION from Coach Nora at , and learn how to manage conflicts in a healthy way with a PA person ..