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Thursday, October 11, 2012

the testes should be almost fully formed. In the next three weeks

The Stages Of Pregnancy Unfold In Forty Fascinating Weeks by Nick Messe
The miracle of pregnancy fascinates every woman that conceives. Within the first trimester, weeks 1 to 12, many changes take place to both mom and embryo. The first real developments take place in week 3 and this is where the individual life really starts to take shape.
Both sperm and egg meet to begin the development of the zygote. The DNA structures that will decide boy or girl, eye color, height,instead of accepting and discussing these feelings, facial features, and much more. Those 23 chromosomes from each parent that you hear about, are being turned into the beginnings of a unique individual. At only the size of a raspberry, a storm of cells are dividing and turning into something truly spectacular, as the zygote makes its way down the fallopian tube.
In weeks 4, 5 and 6, the zygote becomes known as a blastocyst and burrows itself in the uterine wall. It forms a placenta to protect and nourish it throughout the rest of the pregnancy and becomes an embryo. In these three weeks, all the basic humanoid things are beginning to develop. The central nervous system, peripheral system, outer skin, eyes, heart, brain and major organs begin to form.
During the 7th week of pregnancy, features of the face such as tiny nostrils, lenses of the eye and ear canals take shape. Small buds resembling paddles will form arms and legs, and by week 8 the embryo is now beginning to look more like a baby. Arms and legs get longer, the spine straightens, and gender identity is showing the first signs of development. In males the testicles will form and in females the ovaries begin to grow.
The magic gets even more fascinating in weeks 9 to 12 as toes and fingers become more evident and the fetus gains control of muscle movements. It can close its eyelids and external genatalia are present but still not yet identifiable. It can yawn and begin sucking movements. The fetus can also produce urine during this stage.
The second trimester, weeks 13-27, marks another exciting stage of development. At the beginning of week 13 from crown to rump, the fetus is about 3 ½ inches in length. The intestines and kidneys are developed. By week 14, the fetus can bring its hand to its mouth to suck its thumb.
More motor skills such as frowning, smiling and blinking are mastered by week 18. Fingernails and toenails have formed and the sex of the baby is now visible via ultrasound. One can also see tiny fingerprints during this time, cartilage is replaced by bone. The fetus has developed regular sleeping patterns and is capable of feeling pain.
In week 19, the baby can clearly distinguish mom's voice and respond to it. The uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes have almost fully developed in girls. At week 20, mom is able to feel the first tiny flutters of movements. Vernix caseosa, which is a greasy substance, is covering your baby's skin to protect it.
Facial hair starts to grow in weeks 21 to 24, including eyebrows,you could go one step further and experiment with the shape of your invitations., hair on the head,immediately, and sometimes down the back. For boys, the testes should be almost fully formed. In the next three weeks, 25 to 27, your baby will begin to entertain itself exploring the realms of the uterus. You will begin to feel flips, turns, and sometimes pushing as it floats around in the amniotic sac.
The baby now measures about 11 to 15 inches from crown of head to bottom of foot in length. Lungs,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots, liver, and immune system continue to reach maturity and footprints also develop completely. The third trimester marks weeks 28 to 40. Your baby will now have fully developed lungs and could breathe air.
The brain has reached peak development to support neurological responses like body temperature regulation and breathing. This stage is also when mom develops more than the baby. Backaches, heartburn, swelling, shortness of breath, spiderveins, breasts leaking milk, pain or tenderness in the breasts are all common in the third trimester. Within the last two to three weeks, the baby, weighing an average of 7 or 8 pounds, positions itself for birth. And then the miracle of birth happens and a brand new person enters the world.

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