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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Creating the Life You Desire and Deserve
I was talking with a woman who was telling me about her recent work that she
was, for the first time in her life, finally able to do her work the way she'd
always wanted to with a client. She then turned and asked me,there are steps you can take to transform your critic. First, as a clairvoyant,3 Tips To Earn Forgiveness Fast by Michael Lee,
if I saw that this was going to continue for her. Could she really live the
life of her dreams?
As I started to tell her she could if she focused her thoughts and visions to
take the appropriate actions in her world, she quickly cut me off mid-sentence
to say "Don't talk to me about that thinking crap. If what I was thinking came
true I wouldn't have had to wait this long,1873 Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Chocolate Boots." Her negativity was amazing and
powerful, a strong indicator of why it had taken her so long and why this
success might not continue.
She had sat talking to me for almost thirty minutes straight about the struggle,
how she wasn't appreciated, how many people thought she was different, how her
approach was too expensive and time-consuming for people, how so few people
support her approach, and the list went on.
Her focus was on what was wrong with the world, judging and criticizing herself
and others. This appeared to be a habit that she wasn't even aware of. She was
clearly thinking with a lack and limitation mentality, not seeing that she was
standing in her own way of success,123Our fights do not escalate to the point of pushing and slapping.. Her thoughts and her focus were creating
her reality.
Whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, our beliefs and what we
focus on --- the ideas that have the most emotional charge --- are what creates
our life experiences. This woman could not TRUST that the Universe was friendly
to her plans and she was relying on the story she had created in her mind to
reinforce why her life was unfolding the way it was.
Here's a different twist on the same opportunities we have. Last week I decided
I wanted to create more money and more clients. I'd been sick the week before
and out of town for two weekends in a row, so I took the time to attract and
vision what I chose for the week. I saw the prosperity, the new clients, the
joyous experiences, and the amazing miracles. Right after that, I received
calls from three people who are now new clients. I ended the week seeing five
new clients and scheduling three more for the weeks ahead. One client even paid
me extra money because she was so thrilled with the session we had. I have a
stack of checks ready to deposit tomorrow, I received another order from Amazon,
and the list goes on.
Can YOU live the life of your dreams? ABSOLUTELY! In your own life,
consciously remember and practice the step-by-step process for manifesting true
wealth and success:
1. Get into a state of spiritual vibration
2. Choose what you desire
3. Expect the gift
4. Visualize what you desire
5. Love what you see
6. Know your desires are being fulfilled
7. Surrender
8. Express gratitude
9. Take the appropriate actions in your world
As many of you know, I created and produced 9 CDs and 3 books in six months
using this process. I introduced the book Manifesting Made Easy at the Book
Expo and the doors are flying open! If you consistently use this process, your
life WILL be transformed in amazing ways!
Life is magical. Make the decision to create YOUR life full of joy, excitement,
abundance, peace, happiness, love, health, prosperity and success!
Let go of the stories from the past that have held you back and live consciously
to see the miracles unfold. Trust yourself and trust the Universe to make your
dreams your reality!
And, remember, YOU deserve it!

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